UAE for Western oversight over Qatar’s actions

Families have been affected – including those with a Qatari spouse – and students in Qatar from all over the GCC have been caught up in the crisis.A view shows buildings in Doha, Qatar, June 9, 2017.Simmering tensions between the US partners boiled over this month when Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, along with Egypt, severed ties with Qatar over its alleged support for extremism and imposed economic restrictions on it. Riyadh has denied involvement in the attacks.Supporting Hamas against its struggle to emancipate the Palestinian territories from the clutches of Israel is legitimate and can not be equated with terrorism.Qatar is accused of having links with the terrorist groups and relations with Iran, the two main reasons behind the step taken by certain Arab states to isolate the country and impose sanctions.Mr Tillerson “will continue his efforts to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East region through in-person meetings and phone conversations with Gulf and regional leaders”, the state department said, adding he has “made more than a dozen phone calls and participated in several in-person meetings”.Some wonder if all this pressure on Qatar might backfire, driving the country into a new alliance with Russia, Turkey and Iran – one with very different objectives from the U.S.The current dispute in the region is an extension of a 2014 row, when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain temporarily recalled their ambassadors from Doha over what they said to be Qatar’s support for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.”But Qatar and Iran have a pragmatic relationship”, Juneau says. “We wish for the crisis to be resolved quicker than other crises”, he said. Mr Cavusoglu met with the emir of Kuwait on Thursday, who is leading GCC mediation efforts.The country has stepped in to provide fresh diary products to Doha after traditional supply lines from the UAE and Saudi Arabia were cut.Malta on Sunday denied that Saudi Arabia has severed diplomatic ties with the island nation, stating the ties remain as strong as ever.Gulf Arab annoyance at Qatar flared into open anger in 2011, when Qatar quickly embraced the Arab Spring uprisings, particularly in Egypt, Libya and Syria. The crisis has put Turkey in a delicate position as Ankara regards Qatar as its chief ally in the Gulf but is also keen to maintain its improving ties with regional power Saudi Arabia.