Uber releases in-app tipping feature for New Hampshire drivers

“It’s something that drivers have been asking for a long time and riders as well have asked for the opportunity to tip drivers after a great experience”, said Susie Heath, the senior communication advisor for Uber Canada.Based on data from New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, Uber dispatched more than 125 million rides from the start of 2015 to mid-March of this year.The tipping feature is the most visible sign yet in a campaign Uber announced last month to burnish its public image and smooth out a tense relationship between the Silicon Valley giant and its drivers.Uber resisted calls from consumers to allow in-app tipping, even as rivals such as Lyft offered the option. The company has finally changed its position on the matter now. In recent months, Uber has been hit by a number of scandals and controversies, culminating in founder Travis Kalanick stepping down as CEO. But it changed course in June when Uber, added it as an option for riders in three market. The drivers used to receive 80 percent of each ride’s fare, but recent financial data shows a significant drop in that share.”Some changes will be big, some will be small – all will be the changes you’ve asked for”, the email read. Regulators say only one person has been ticketed under that provision, which became law in 2015, but drivers say it’s had a chilling effect on soliciting tips. Uber says, “tipping is neither expected nor required”. But the real target of both in-app tipping and the wait fee is Uber drivers themselves. At the time, the company stressed tipping was “completely optional, but always appreciated”.