UMN faculty to Trump: Leaving Paris Agreement will impact US

This historic agreement, in which all but two of the world’s countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is a crucial step toward limiting future warming of our planet.Trump’s administration was lambasted by world leaders for the decision to leave the Paris agreement, signed by 194 other countries in 2015.”The US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will delay the transition and could lead to temperatures peaking at higher levels, with concurrent climate change impacts on millions of people, but it cannot stop the economic transformation that is already underway”, reads a statement from WWF South Africa, released last week after Trump’s announcement.Benjamin Habib, a North Korea expert at Australia’s La Trobe University, wrote back in 2014 that North Korea’s surprising compliance on climate change makes sense, as it is poorer countries that are most vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather conditions.Ige said Hawaii is the first state to enact legislation implementing parts of the Paris climate agreement.In the letter, the Senators applaud President Trump for his executive actions to undo overreaching environmental regulations from the Obama administration, specifically the Clean Power Plan regulations. We think that the President’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris agreement is profoundly unwise and shortsighted.Mayors of cities nationwide are also vowing to do whatever they can to reduce fossil-fuel emissions. “If the US administration doesn’t want to move forward, individual states will. California is already a world leader on climate policy”.We were glad to see our North Country congresswoman Elise Stefanik call Trump’s decision “misguided” and “a mistake” that “harms the ongoing effort to fight climate change while also isolating us from our allies”. Fortunately, a clean exit from the Paris Agreement will not take this away.”The American government may have pulled out of the agreement, but the American people remain committed to it and we will meet our targets”, Bloomberg said. Over 1,000 of the world’s top companies support the USA staying in the Paris climate agreement. RGGI is the first mandatory market-based program in the reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Almost two years ago, University of Minnesota faculty and staff travelled to Paris to watch world leaders broker the Paris Climate Agreement.