US urges Qatar, neighbors to ‘sit together’ to ease tension

Erdogan said Turkey would “appreciate and embrace’ Qatar’s stance against the 13-article demand by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt”.The Arab countries cut ties with Qatar on June 5, accusing the Gulf state of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region.”Relations between Iran and Qatar have always been developing and strong”, he added.But the ultimatum was quickly rejected by Qatar’s ally, Turkey, and blasted as an assault on free speech by Al-Jazeera, the Qatari broadcaster that the gas-rich country’s neighbors are demanding be shut down.Qatar has also been asked to hand over opposition figures wanted by the four countries, to downgrade diplomatic ties with Iran, and to shut a Turkish military base.Among other things, they have demanded the closure of Al Jazeera TV, which is funded by the Qatari government.The United States said the demands on Qatar by its Mideast neighbors “will be very hard to meet”.He urged the countries to sit together to stop terrorism and counter extremism. “It empowers government legally to pursue avenues that won’t be subject to legislative or judicial scrutiny”, said Mr Bozkurt. Mr Erdogan said the list of demands were “disrespectful” and “an attack on Qatar’s sovereign right”. The UK’s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, on Friday appeared to suggest that the demands levelled are unreasonable.He said the demands were proof that the sanctions had “nothing to do with combating terrorism…”In their apparent bid to secure United States support and that of Israel, Riyadh, Manama, Cairo and Abu Dhabi suspended all land, air and sea traffic with Qatar, expelled its diplomats and ordered Qatari citizens to leave their countries.However, the small but wealthy country has so far avoided economic collapse by finding alternative routes. The Turkish President went on to say that the demands added up to an unlawful intervention with Qatar’s sovereignty.”The alternative is not escalation”. “The alternative is parting of ways. The alternative is parting of ways”, he said.Qatar is home to an important U.S. airbase, at al-Udeid, which serves as forward headquarters for U.S. Central Command.”[Iran’s] help for Qatar’s economy and the expansion of ties, particularly between the two countries’ private sectors, can be among our common goals”, Rouhani said. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.