Vladimir Putin Trolls James Comey Over ‘Strange’ Memo Leak

“I do not think so”, Putin said during the annual live Direct Line, during which he answered questions from Russians. Among those mentioned by Comey included Trump demanding loyalty from the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and expressing hope Comey would stop investigating compromising links between the president’s appointees and the Russian government.Comparing Comey to Snowden, Putin said, “It makes him not a security service director, but a civil activist advocating a certain belief”.Snowden, a former contractor for the CIA, was given asylum by Russian Federation for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency to journalists.”I do not know the details of Comey’s testimony but some things are clear to me”, Putin said, referring to the ex-FBI director’s address to the U.S. Senate in which he spoke of awkward encounters with Trump.Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted a little of the secrecy around his grandchildren and mockingly offered former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey asylum during his annual televised chat with the Russian people. “He should be aware of that”.On a more serious note, Putin criticized new US sanctions on Russian Federation, over its actions in Ukraine, saying they were “inappropriate” and “nothing good would come from them”.Putin also noted that Moscow hopes that the US could play a “constructive role” in helping settle the Ukrainian crisis.”They gathered opposition forces and financed them, went to opposition rallies, ” the Russian Federation leader noted, adding that he had broached this issue with members of the past administration, including former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry. Putin said: “We don’t see America as our enemy”.Vladimir Putin said that the United States always interfered in Russian elections, doing so especially aggressively in 2012.”As for us, we have our opinion, we say it openly, but it’s not some kind of underground sabotage activity”.”During the meeting I said: ‘Let’s consider an option that Russian Federation might join NATO, ‘” Putin recalled.Commenting on the US Congress amendment to tighten sanctions on Russian Federation, he saw that this shows the continuous internal political struggle in the US.Putin said during the show that both of his daughters live in Moscow and “work in science and education”.He added that Moscow and Washington could cooperate to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and pool efforts to tackle the North Korean nuclear and missile problem.On the phone-in show, Putin said that one grandson was born recently, to applause in the studio, while another is “already in pre-school”.