When will Loretta Lynch be investigated?

Last June, the FBI was nearly a year into the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State.For weeks, the swirling intrigue has been centered on President Donald Trump’s administration, questioning if it exerted inappropriate influence on former FBI Director James Comey and obstructed justice in the Russian Federation investigation.Remember, former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee raised many unanswered questions about Ms.Comey said Lynch told him “not to call it an investigation but to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me”.Comey said he obliged with the administration’s request. noting it was not a “hill to die on”.When asked why he didn’t at least push back against Lynch’s directive, Comey said it was because he decided, “This isn’t a hill worth dying on, and so I just said, ‘OK'”.President Trump went on a Twitter rant Tuesday against two of his favorite targets: former attorney general Loretta Lynch and the media. He was introducing an element that was not in the statute to know you’re violating the law and he was saying that, that was the way he wanted the investigation to end. “So I’m not going come to a conclusion as to who was right or wrong”.Lynch and the former president under oath. “Obviously the Justice Department picked up on that”.And we know he didn’t call a friend – at Columbia University or anyplace else – and ask him to leak the contents of that order from Loretta Lynch to The New York Times, hoping this would lead to the appointment of a special counsel – though that was the very reason he gave senators for leaking his memo about Trump.On June 11, the Senate Minority Leader, Democratic Sen. During his remarks, the former FBI director explained that his decision to publicly announce his findings in the Clinton probe in July 2016 was partly prompted by Lynch asking him to describe the investigation as a “matter”.Feinstein said, “I think we need to know more about that”. Comey testified that he did just that – on January 6, Jan. 27 and again on March 30.”I think in retrospect, as all of us began to look at that clearly and talk about it as respectives of the department of justice, once the director first got involved and embroiled in a public discussion of this investigation which would have been better never to have been discussed publicly, and said he – it was over”.Grassley said of the document, which reportedly was hacked from Democrat operatives by Russian agents: “The email reportedly provided assurances that Attorney General Lynch would protect Clinton by making sure the FBI investigation, quote, ‘didn’t go too far'”.