White House, Trump prepare for “Made in America” week

Spicer did not give specifics about whether there was anything preventing Trump items such as shirts and ties from being made in the U.S.The president is also expected to issue a proclamation July 19 on the importance of making goods in America.During Monday’s White House press briefing, Yahoo News’s White House Correspondent Hunter Walker asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer whether the Trump family would stop manufacturing products overseas.Mr. Spicer said it would be “inappropriate” for him to discuss Trump companies, but he said in some cases, “there are certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country”. “Their interests were pushed aside for global projects and their wealth was taken from the communities and shipped overseas”, said Ferre.Following the White House’s unveiling of the “Made in America” idea, google trend came up with an interesting data, which showed that people, a lot of them actually, searched for two key terms and they were “Trump products” and “Made in America”.In keeping with the promise, Trump has attempted to decrease regulations on companies in the US and also renegotiate trade deals with many foreign nations. Lawmakers are reviewing whether the Trump campaign’s team worked with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.But critics have accused Mr. Trump of hypocrisy when he’s pushed “Made in America” in the past because so numerous products he and his family members have sold over the years were manufactured overseas. Trump and his daughter Ivanka have been criticized for making most of their products overseas. The Post also reports that Mr. Trump’s daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump’s clothing line relies exclusively on foreign manufacturing for production of its goods. The Washington Post earlier reported that most of Ivanka’s products are made by low-wage workers in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia and China. To this she responded by saying that she will get back to the question with a reply.The White House’s new theme is already taking flak from those pointing out the Trump Organization’s business history.