Woman faints after accidentally breaking $44000 jade bracelet in China jewelry store

A woman in China learnt this lesson in consumer liability the hard way when she was forced to foot the bill for a $44,000 (that’s Rs 28,36,460) jade bracelet she accidentally dropped and broke in a jewellery store in China’s Yunnan province.Fellow shoppers tried to comfort the woman but she ended up “fainting” right there on the spot – much in the way we do after looking through all those receipts in our bag after a heavy night out. However, as she pulled it off, the priceless bangle slipped from her fingers, fell to the tiled ground and broke cleanly into two pieces, reported the People’s Daily Online.In a video, one man is even shown applying firm pressure to her philtrum (the middle area of her upper lip), a traditional Chinese method of waking up those who have fainted.The woman was trying on the jade bracelet and inquired about its price, while still wearing it.News portal Sina reports the bracelet was actually worth £20,000 and according to news website 163.com, the woman told shop staff she could only afford to pay £1,200. Well the woman was trying on the bracelet, but quickly took it off when she learned of the price.The woman after she had fainted was made to lie down on the floor by her family members who were accompanying her till she gained consciousness.According to witnesses, the family offered the shop owner 70,000 yuan ($10,325) in damages.