10 best Windows 8.1 themes

PERTH: The ability to add themes to an operating software is fun. It gives a more personal look to your computer. The theme support of Windows has been improving, and some really wonderful and beautiful themes have revealed themselves. Some are dark, some are bright. Others are clear, and some are bold. The latest version of Windows is 8.1, and a new version asks for new themes, so let’s take a look at the 10 best themes for Windows 8.1.

8 Plus

8 Plus is a visual treat, offering see through panels and giving the an overall polished and crystal clear look to Windows. It doesn’t make too many changes, because that can displease most users, but makes enough to give Windows a great display. It takes the top spot on this list.

Abisso 2014

Dark yet stunning, Abisso 2014 gives Windows a unique and bold look like never before. The applications are transparent, giving a quite beautiful display. Abisso 2014 comes in at number 2.


AeroByDesign gives the dark effect, but with some brightness mixed in. It’s sharp, professional looking and has some nifty icon changes. This theme will please any user and grabs the third spot on this list.

Bel Minimal

This theme is elegant and smooth. Bel Minimal puts a unique and different theme on Windows. It has custom icons for applications and transforms your desktop into something completely unlike Windows! Bel Minimal’s pretty look puts it at number 4.


The first thing that comes to mind when people look at this theme is “Wow, it looks so cool!” And that it is. Blaze uses the best shade of gray to make a truly wonderful theme. It’s sharp, attractive and far better than the original Windows theme. Blaze comes in at number 5.


CamVs is quite an interesting theme. It’s smart color combination offers a great display. The mixture of yellow and sliver-white is perfect, and the theme looks extremely suave. It’s great color combination puts it at number 6.


The name speaks for itself. Elegant is a very elegant theme. It’s simple, but beautiful colors make for a great look. It also has many custom icons for applications. For those who enjoy simple but beautiful themes, Elegant is your answer. It takes the 7th spot on this list.

Gray8.1 Glass

Gray8.1 Glass takes customization to another level, and mixes it with some of the coolest designs. The combination of sky blue, black and gray is one you’ll be wanting to look at for ages. Along with custom icons, Gray8.1 Glass just gives off such an attractive look. It drops in at number 8.


Another great color combination theme, Xgreen uses green and black in a very bold way. As you can see, there are many custom icons and the beautiful shade of green is used in almost every area of Windows. Xgreen takes the second last spot.


It may be number 10, but you’ll never see a better number 10 than this. xZmN totally changes the layout of Windows into something of it’s own. It’s bright and very simple. Most people won’t be able to tell what kind of operating software you have if you’ve got this theme installed. xZmN comes in last on this list.

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