A ‘diamond’ lost, in search of pebbles!

FAISALABAD: “Get these clowns out of this program,” “Judges have no respect for new singers,” “These judges should leave judgement!” These are few comments from visitors who watched 18 year old Maria Meer’s singing audition in Pakistan Idol on 15th December last year.

Ram Godhawale from India added, “If she had been in India, she would have gotten so many offers by now.” Munazza Waseem too disagreed with the judges “Yes, it was a bad judgement!”

Pakistan Idol, the Pakistani version of American Idol is all over Pakistani Television channels and is striving hard to find “the voice” of Pakistan. However, winning voices like Maria Meer’s don’t qualify for this title. Maria’s following audition video from Faisalabad wasn’t able to point out a single reason for her disqualification.

The Asian pop-star and judge of Pakistan Idol Hadiqa Kayani seemed convinced in the beginning that Maria qualifies at least for the first round, as she nodded her head responding to Meer’s song. However, as she passed on to rock-star Ali Azmat, she changed her mind. The initial responses from Ali Azmat and actress-cum-singer Bushra Ansari seemed quite negative and finally all three judges had a big NO for the young girl from Faisalabad.

The only downside of Maria Meer seemed to be her introduction in context of Pakistani ‘middle and upper class’ society, where she was honest enough to point out that she was able to study only till primary because her ‘financial conditions’ did not allow her to pursue her studies any further. Her father is an electrician, who is the only bread earner for the family of 7.

She went on to say that she was passionate enough to convince her father to allow her to participate in a “singing competition,” being from a conservative Pakistani background.

However, the three Pakistan Idol celebrity “judges” Hadiqa Kiyanai, Ali Azmat and Bushra Ansari did not realize that they rejected a rising singer and a future celebrity, till Amanat Ali, another young singer from Pakistan, spotted Maria Meer as hot talent and signed her up for the song “Naina Lagay” as a co-singer.


Surprisingly to some, but not so surprising to others, the song video went viral and Maria Meer and Amanat Ali went popular in Pakistan and abroad. The track was aired on BBC Asian Network and is becoming regular food other music stations across the globe.

The fast growing Official Fan Page of Maria Meer rightly stated “Pakistan Idol now have realized they’ve lost a diamond, while they were busy collecting stones. Maria, you are already Pakistan Idol!”

Maria’s success story has created questions over the judgment criteria of Pakistan Idol, whereas people have realized that talent spotting is not something the Pakistani society is prepared for yet. It’s not an easy job and not everyone can do it, be it Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kayani or Ali Azmat!- See more at: https://www.theeasterntribune.com/story/1628/a-diamond-lost-in-search-of-pebbles#sthash.5KegdwQD.dpuf

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