Apple iWatch may ‘predict’ heart attacks

PERTH: Tech giants around the globe have just started to focus their upcoming devices on one important domain, which is probably the most important of all. Yes, I am talking about health and fitness. We have seen health and fitness apps, smart wearable gadgets that can act as your personal trainer and health friendly mobile phones.

Speaking of tech giants and fitness, nothing comes to mind except Apple, the technology pioneer which has claimed that its much awaited, upcoming wearable, the iWatch is going to be more of a fitness device along with the features that we expect to be in any fourth generation smart watch like a range of notifications such as phone sync, apps, incoming calls, emails, chat messages, and social network updates.

Apple seems to amalgamate the best and alluring features in its upcoming, much awaited wearable flagship, iWatch. Insiders have claimed that Apple’s iWatch will predict if there is a heart attack to come by weighing the blood-flow from the noise it makes in arteries and veins.

San Francisco Chronicle reports that Apple is serious about creating technology to help predict a medical emergency. Expert audio engineer Tomlinson Holman, is reported to be leading the team which is dedicated for this project. They are working on special sensors that will stick with the wrist’s glands and “hear” the noise of the blood and in case of emergency, your iWatch might alert you.

iWatch will feature the stunning iOS 8 in which, there will be special “HealthBook” to take care of your calories burned,  miles walked, track of your blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, and possibly glucose levels.

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