Beyonce pauses to wish fan’s birthday!

BIRMINGHAM: Beyonce, who is at the end of her ‘Mrs Carter World Tour’ did something exceptional for her fan. To the surprise of many, she eventually paused her show to greet and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for one of her fans, the lucky Shahnaz Khan!

She made Shehnaz Khan’s night, giving her an unforgettable memory, in the LG Arena at Birmingham. Beyonce was performing in the city when she noticed Shehnaz with a birthday batch. According to Shehnaz, she first acknowledged her with a gesturing nod but later sang directly for her.

Stars are not usually very interactive with their fans. However, Beyonce made the difference and that has pleased everyone present in the city. The whole episode was shot on camera. Beyonce gave Shehnaz perhaps the best birthday gift at Birmingham show.

Shehnaz interacted with the media after the show. Her happiness was clearly visible on her face. She said that it was like a dream come true. Well indeed, a person hardly gets a chance like this in their lifetime when their favourite celebrity sing for them on birthday. She was also upgraded to the VIP section earlier in the show by her management. Shahnaz Khan’s twitter handle said it all.

I can’t explain how I feel right now, I’m just about to do my SEVENTH radio interview in less than a day

— Shehnaz Khan (@shehnazkhan) February 26, 2014

Beyonce who is famous for her generosity and charm on the stage, made the news again with this act. She is one of the rarest celebrities who loves to interact with the fans at all level. Few days back she surprised her fans by associating herself with them in the Karaoke booth. She was also accompanied by Kelly Rowland, former band mate during it-

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