Charlotte Dawson, murdered by Twitter trolls

SYDNEY: Charlotte Dawson, Australia’s Next Top Model judge, was found dead at her Woolloomooloo home. Police have confirmed that the body of a woman was discovered in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Charlotte Dawson, murdered by Twitter trolls

According to the statement of a police media spokesman, the coroner is preparing a detail report. After the body of the woman was located in a unit, police were called to Cowper Wharf Road from the Kings Cross local area command. There are no suspicious circumstances at this stage. It is being dealt as a suicide case.

The 47 years old famous judge’s body was found by a security guard in her rented waterside apartment. It is a heartbreaking loss for the family and friends of the television presenter, who had been battling depression. Dawson was also hospitalized in 2012 after hundreds of social media trolls brutally targeted her on Twitter.

Dawson who had become an anti-bullying advocate appeared on the A Current Affair on Nines and The Project of Ten Network earlier this week and spoke openly about the bitter Twitter bullying with many followers asking her to ‘go hang yourself.” The Kiwi-born former model was also attacked by followers on her appearance and personal life on Twitter.

Charlotte Dawson also appeared in an interview on 60 Minutes, giving details of her brush with suicide after she was taunted on Twitter.

Alex Perry, her close friend and another judge of Australia’s Next Top Model, said she was a beautiful person and had so much energy and a sense of humour, but her war with her mental illness made it difficult for her to go in so many parts of her life. As she got older, her mental illness got harder to deal with.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Mr. John Key expressed his sorrow on the death of Charlotte Dawson.

Shocked and saddened to hear of Charlotte Dawson’s death.

— John Key (@johnkeypm) February 22, 2014

There has been an outpour of grief after the shocking news on social media networks from family and friends.

Devastated to hear the sad news about Charlotte Dawson. Beautiful, talented and honest. #RIPCharlotte

— Kathryn Nesbitt (@Katnesbitt) February 22, 2014

A wave of sadness has washed over me this afternoon. To anyone suffering alone please call lifeline 131114. #RIPCharlotte

— Carrie Bickmore (@BickmoreCarrie) February 22, 2014

Just so sick of these faceless trolls- Big difference between having an opinion and straight out cruelty, bullying and hate #ripcharlotte

— David Zdrilic (@Zdrila) February 22, 2014

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