Emperor Penguin adapting to the climate change

NEW YORK: The threat of Global Warming is spreading everywhere. A latest study has found that how Emperor Penguin is trying to adapt the climate change of the world. Emperor Penguins are known for their loyalty to their breeding grounds. But satellite images have shown that they do not return to their previous breeding ground.

A study made by the University Of Minnesota on the basis of the habit and the satellite images explains the problem. According to the study, every species is trying to adapt the warmer climate. The global warming effect either will destroy some species, or some species will adapt according to the environment. The Emperor Penguins seem to be doing the later one. The changing of breeding grounds clearly indicates that they frequently change the places and keep on appearing and disappearing. It has to be understood that the penguins are doing something to adapt the inhospitable environment.

Lead author Michelle LaRue said “Our research showing that colonies seem to appear and disappear throughout the years challenges behaviours we thought we understood about emperor penguins. If we assume that these birds come back to the same locations every year, without fail, these new colonies we see on satellite images wouldn’t make any sense. These birds didn’t just appear out of thin air—they had to have come from somewhere else.”

This is not the first time that something has been reported. Few days back there was also a study that indicated that Polar Bear are also trying to adapt in the warmer climate. The Eastern Tribune

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