FBI to map ethnic populations for recruiting informants

SACRAMENTO: FBI recently started new techniques to spy over US citizens, where it seeks to use the data obtained from mapping ethnic populations to recruit informants and spies. The long awaited revisions from Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to the regulations of Justice Department’s racial profiling would eventually permit the FBI to carry on with these procedures.

The latest draft based regulations would inflate the definition of forbidden profiling, which would include not just nationality, but also race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and origin. This would probably raise the standards that agents would propose in regard to those factors. However, these agents won’t be changing the process, which the FBI have been utilizing nationality criteria to map neighborhoods or to recruit informants.

The step by the FBI would also seek to recruit foreign spies, the report obtained from various current and former US officials that are either participated in the briefing of the policies or involved in the policy revisions. While the draft rules permits F.B.I. mapping to continue, they would also abolish the extensive national security exclusion that Ex-Attorney General John Ashcroft laid earlier.

The US Justice Department has been trying to implement the policy for at least five years, and civil rights organizations hope it will curb certain authority that has been contracted to the F.B.I. in the aftermath of September 11 attacks.

Muslims of United States, in particular, say that, FBI has unethically singled them out for investigations over terrorism suspicion cases. The president of Muslim Advocates, Farhana Khera, said escalating the rules to cover religion and nationality would be a significant step forward. However, she opposed any such rule that would allow the F.B.I. to continue with what it calls “domain mapping.”-

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