Buy Australian campaign affects NZ products sales

SYDNEY: New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key will be flying to Sydney and will meet with Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime minister over the next two days. Mr Key said he will address the lockout of Kiwi products in Australia’s biggest supermarkets when he will meet the Australian Prime Minister in Sydney.

Due to an aggressive “Buy Australian” campaign, New Zealand products are being stripped off the shelves of Australian supermarkets.

Scott Wilson, the Buy NZ Made executive, said that big supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths are methodically removing New Zealand products from their house brand labels simple because they are non-Australian.

Mr Key said it was yet to be settled if the supermarkets are infringing the free-trade agreement between the countries. He said that they are looking closely at it to determine if it is legal or not. Mr Key also said that even if it did not breach CER (Closer Economic Relations) legally, in his opinion, it was still a breach of the spirit of CER.

John Key said he will question the move as well as a range of other topics. He clarified that he did not want one particular issue to damage their incredibly strong and deep relationship with Australia. Mr Key said that Australian authorities are already looking into supermarket buying practices.

David Cunliffe, the Labour Leader said John Key needs to take action. He should do some tough talking with Tony Abbott and not just show his apparent concern over the issue as he had done previously.

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