‘Blasphemous content’ removed from Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video

BRADFORD: Katy Perry, the pop princess, has been forced to edit her new Dark Horse video to remove a small scene after numerous complaints from her Muslim fans that it was blasphemous. Around 65,000 people signed an online petition to ban the “highly controversial” video.

At the beginning of the video under discussion, a man is shown being burned while wearing a pendant with the word ‘Allah’ on it.

A Change.org petition was posted by Shazad Iqbal of Bradford, England, asking YouTube to remove the video. The petition stated that the video was considered as highly controversial to its viewers because of its portrayal of blasphemy.

The scene was reedited to remove the Allah medallion digitally, and now the new version is posted on YouTube and Vevo.

Shazad Iqbal, the petition organizer, said that he was thrilled with the outcome. He said that he felt the impact they had made and the total signatures obtained did convey how worthy a cause this was and that it was a significant step towards the right direction. However, it is not known whether YouTube or Katy Perry’s own team made the edit. Katy Perry is yet to confirm the news.

The video was shot in Memphis, Egypt and took a long time. Perry said in a statement that she was just trying to give a beautiful performance about a place she loves with no other thought in mind.
The Dark Horse video received more than 44 million views on Youtube since it has been released a week ago

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