Vienna Ball: Kim Kardashian and a fist-fight

VIENNA: The best part of Austria’s Eurotrash calendar, Vienna’s Opera Ball, attained a new low with a racist scandal, a fight and Kim Kardashian. The popular, US reality television star was a highlight at the 58th annual ball after she reportedly accepted a sum of $500,000 (€362,000) to be retail billionaire Richard Lugner’s date for the night.Vienna Ball: Kim Kardashian and a fist-fight

The 81 years old, Lugner, has attained notoriety in the Viennese society for paying famous women to spend an evening on his arm. Earlier dates include Sophia Loren, Joan Collins, Grace Jones and two out of the three Charlie’s Angels. In later years his dates’ ages and their necklines have plunged enough to include Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, and skit dancer Dita von Teese.

His most notorious guest was in 2011, Karima El Mahroug of Silvio Berlusconi “Rubygate” ill reputation. A year before that he was stood up by Lindsay Lohan.

This year Mr Lugner has surpassed himself. At a photo call alongside Kim at his Lugnercity shopping centre, he revealed that he had got botox injections in his face for the event. Amidst by a group of photographers, the pair appeared at the Vienna Opera House, where Mr Lunger was denied a chance of dancing with Kim as she refused to dance with him. She was heard telling him that she would rather watch the dancing. The billionaire was seen waltzing away with Kim’s mother.

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Another guest of Lugner, a German comedian Oliver Pocher, tried to get the Ms Kardashian on to the parquet by offering to make the orchestra play Niggas in Vienna, as a nod to the song Niggas in Paris by Kanye West, Ms Kardashian’s fiancé.

Chris Stephan, an Austrian tabloid television host, showed up as KanyeWest, as a joke all with white tails and a blackface. The Kardashians were shocked at such a stunt but had to remain there for another 90 minutes as per the terms of their contract with Mr Lugner.

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Mr Lugner promised a free ticket to Mr Stephen for blacking up. Mr Stephen, who later apologized for any offense for his stunt, denied he was racist and insisted that he was sorry it all went so badly wrong and was completely misunderstood. He denies all charges of racism saying he was an Arab too who was born in Austria.

If that was not enough, the climax of the ball was a fist fight that broke outside Mr Lugner’s opera box involving a German television host a drunken man, and a flying champagne glass. By then the Kardashians had already fled the madness of the Vienna ball.

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As per reports an unidentified man started the fight by verbally abusing a well-known German TV personality, Johannes B. Kerner. As the TV host was about to walk away, the older man threw something on Kerner’s friend, who turned around and wailed at the offender. His one landed punch tore open the elderly man’s chin, leaving his female companion to wipe up the blood as it dripped on his white shirt.-

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