Miranda Kerr’s family pleads for her to return

BRISBANE: An emotional public plea has been made by Miranda Kerr‘s family for her to come home, revealing they have not seen their supermodel daughter and her son Flynn for a year.

The Gunnedah-raised family appeared on an episode of docudrama ‘Family Confidential’, airing on Australian Television network ABC to reveal their current rocky relationship with Kerr and to beg her to come back to Australia. Kerr’s mother Therese, John, her father, brother Matthew and grandmother Ann want to get in touch, revealing that she has cut off all contact post a rift between them.

Miranda’s father John even disclosed that it was Orlando, Miranda’s now ex-husband, who informed them about the couple’s separation.

Miranda and her mother Therese were like best friends and used to speak every day, but things have changed between them now. Her mother was the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Miranda’s skincare line Kora Organics but she stepped down from the post giving the rumours of a rift more authenticity. Theresa said the text messages she sends her daughter are rarely reciprocated.

Ann, Miranda’s grandmother was particularly more devastated about not seeing her precious great-grandson for over a year. She said she missed the baby and thinks he was missing out on family, the closeness that they all share. She said no place was like Australia, and she hoped Flynn and Miranda might end up there.

Miranda and her grandmother seemed to have a special bond as Ann often appeared in interviews and on modeling shoots alongside her in the past.

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