Nebraska High School criticized for letting students pose with guns

NEBRASKA: A new policy by a Nebraska high school letting students pose with guns for their yearbook is being criticized in light of another school shooting incident at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington. The policy set off calls across the U.S. while the school defends the measure.

In Nebraska, the Broken Bow Public Schools district board on a common 6-0 vote, allowed the school students to be photographed with guns for their yearbook on one condition that the photo must be tasteful.

Broken Bow Public Schools superintendent, Mark Sievering, explained the controversial policy saying that they were a rural community right in the center of Nebraska where hunting and other shooting sports are very popular. They even had something that was known as the One Box Pheasant Hunt that is a hunt attended by people all over the nation.

The policy which was introduced this week allows students to pose with any prop for their yearbook photo if the pupils meet the school’s dress code and the image should be tasteful and appropriate.

Also, the students who pose with a weapon, including a knife, must not wield it or point it at the camera. It is banned to have a shot animal in the photo.

Sievering also pointed out that for the yearbook photos of graduating seniors, it did not have an explicit gun prohibition policy but posing with firearms was not generally permitted because of national concerns about violence in schools.

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