Roberta Williams slams Channel Nine over ‘Fat Tony & Co’

SYDNEY: It’s time for another real-life adapted mini-series, and of course another controversy over it. Roberta Williams, the wife of former gangland boss Carl Williams blasted Channel Nine over its Fat Tony & Co mini-series calling the depiction of their family far from the truth.

Roberta Williams said that the pair playing her and her husband’s part, Hollie Andrew and Gyton Grantley, in the show were nothing like her or Carl. She said her parenting skills are better than what they have portrayed on the series. She also claimed that she never sat around taking drugs in public or anywhere else, nor does she speak to her children the way they portrayed. According to her, the portrayal of Carl was also far from what he was like.

Based on one of the main players from the Melbourne gangland, Tony Mokbel, Fat Tony is a standalone series, rather than a sequel to the award-winning predecessor, 2008’s Underbelly, a film depicting Tony’s life.

Roberta Williams acknowledged the fact that people would always take interest in true crime stories and what she felt about it made no difference to the TV networks. She said she struggled with public recognition especially when her children were around. She denied that the scene in the episode, where Carl was pointing a gun at his wife’s pregnant belly, was true, although she did confirm that he had shot at her to scare her when she confronted him over an affair.

The double-episode drew 1.37 million viewers in the first and 1.23 million in the second hour.

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