Sana Khan: The journey from fame to death

LAHORE: Many young actresses who aspire to be famous and make their name recorded in history try to utilize every opportunity they get. However, there are only very few who make it to the top level. Sana Khan was one of the aspirants who searched for an ideal opportunity to enter Pakistan’s fashion world.

She got her chance in Veet Super Model photo shoot contest in 2011. It was now or never for the beautiful actress. But Sana Khan was determined to achieve her goal. She was selected immediately into Top 10 models in the contest. A patient, sweet and charming girl was all in the news for the Pakistani version Next Top Models. She did all she could do to win the contest. Her patience during 12 hour long photo shoot, 16 times wardrobe changes became sensational news in Pakistan. Then she became the rising star of Pakistan showbiz and was crowned as one of the winners. There was no looking back for the actress from that point onwards.

Next step was to firm her grip in the industry and the Veet Super Model became the topic of every household in Pakistan through her TV dramas. Her performance in Parchaiyan was so acclaimed that she became the Drama Queen of Pakistan. The inroads of the beautiful actress were going very smooth.

The fashion model turned TV actress had achieved many things in the span of just two years. The promising career was ahead, so was the shining future. Babar Khan, another prominent TV actor then stole the heart of the queen. They fell for each other and decided to get married. In December 2013, the duo got married in traditional style full of glamour. The romantic dance of the couple on the wedding night remained the most discussed topic of Pakistan for few months.

Babar Khan and Sana Khan Marriage Photo

The couple was treated as one of the most beautiful celebrity couples and was frequently spotted together. They expressed their intention to work together and walk together in the journey of their success. But fate had something else written for them. 8th March 2014 became the last day of Sana Khan as she died in the road accident near Jamshoro, Hyderabad. Babar Khan is still critical and admitted in hospital.

The car after accident on 8th March 2014

She left the world with full of promises, dreams and expectations that will never come true. Pakistan has lost one of its biggest talents and Babar lost his soul mate. The fans lost their queen and Sana left her sweet memories for all of them.

Rest in Peace Sana Khan.-

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