Plastic chemical used in US food products

SAN DIEGO: At least 500 food packages found in US grocery stores, including those which are labeled as “healthy” comprise of toxic and hazardous industrial plastic chemicals, the Health Research and Advocacy Group stated.

The chemical “Azodicarbonamide,” which is also known as ADA, was discovered as a common ingredient in most hamburgers, hot dog buns, bagels, breads, tortillas, pizza and pastries. However, other food products are also contaminated with such chemical, according to Washington based Environmental Working Group.

With the discovery of hazardous chemicals in the grocery food items, several consumer groups have recently called for the removal of Azodicarbonamide from use in food products. One of the popular fast-food restaurant ‘Subway’ announced earlier this month, that it is following the procedure of removing such chemicals from its products, however, the company commented that, ADA is still safe and is an extensively used ingredient for most bakery and food items.

The toxic chemical Azodicarbonamide is fully authorized for use in food products by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and United States Food and Drug Administration. In addition, it is interesting to note that, ADA is banned as an additive in European countries and Australia.

The reason why most bakers use this chemical is, its utilization as an oxidizing and flour bleaching agent in dough to enhance its consistency while baking. Moreover, the chemical Azodicarbonamide is also used in plastics to improve elasticity and can be found in shoes and gymnastic mats.

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